Made In Nepal offers quality jewellery, prayer flags, hand-made paper and incense produced in Nepal and India. All our products are environmentally friendly and items using plant products are manufactured from sustainable resources.

Our ethos is to offer only ethically produced goods, so all of our products are from fair trade origins, created by expert craftsmen and women, and with absolutely no child labour involved.

Our suppliers encourage the promotion of Nepalese handmade products to encourage and develop the skills and standards of living of the people from the hilly and mountainous regions from which the raw materials originate. They employ as many workers as possible, from different social and economic backgrounds, and provide them with benefits such as health-care and education for their children. We believe in fair trade, which is why we use producers who support their workers and offer fair wages.

Most of our raw materials, such as Hemp, Nettle, Cotton, Silk, Natural Pashmina and paper, are produced in mountainous regions and are harvested / processed by local labour. Processing at source includes the drying of plants and conversion into thread, ensuring that local producers retain their share in the value added to the raw materials.

Plants such as nettles and hemp are encouraged to grow in the wild and produce a sustainable crop, ensuring that the natural environment is protected and our raw materials are eco-friendly.